Rennie & Davis

Sawmilling in Woodford from approx 1912 to 1916

Rennie and Davis’s sawmill was built on land in Woodford beside the railway line turning loop. It was a large mill, and the only one in the district that worked two shifts a day. Water for the boiler was a problem as wells on the property did not produce enough water to keep the boiler going, so a pump was installed on the creek, Monkeybong Creek, behind Dr Rankin’s house. The pipe crossed Archer Street and continued down through an easement near 139 Archer Street.

A house on Margaret Street served as the office for the mill. Wally Clarke later lived in that house for many years, and today the Retirement Village stands in its place at the bottom of Margaret Street.

The Binney and Davis mill opened in approximately 1912 and closed in about 1916.

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Rennie & Davis’s Sawmill with W Thornton and G Thornton standing on top of the log pulled by H Beanland’s team.