11 Durundur Street

The Chalmers family moved into in ‘Clyde House’ in 1911. It was left to the Baptist Church who sold it.

Memories from Robert Chalmers.

My grandparents lived there. My father was born in that house. Malcolm James Chalmers. In the 50’s I and the rest of us visited many times. Lots of memories. Climbing in the big plum tree in the back yard. Or was it a Morton Bay fig? Can’t remember. My brother Allan would have remembered, but he passed away a few years ago. I’ve got most of Grandma’s family tree as well. I’ve gone right back in both sides of the family. Interesting to see the old place. Lots of memories even though I was only a little boy. Grandma died in that house. I was there on the day. Grandma used to tell us stories about how as a little girl she played along the creek with the local aboriginal children. And I remember the creek banks being alive with black snakes that you had to be wary of. Dad as a boy used to go out to milk the cow in the paddock on frosty mornings barefoot.

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