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Step into the captivating stories of Woodford’s vibrant history as you explore our gallery of people and families who have woven the fabric of our community. From pioneers and visionaries to everyday heroes, each photograph and piece of information unveils a chapter of our shared narrative.


Discover the tales that have shaped Woodford through the ages. Join us on this immersive journey, celebrating the diversity and resilience of the individuals and families that make Woodford truly special.


Famous Faces

Explore the gallery of famous faces whose journeys, achievements, and contributions have left an indelible mark on our community.

Alex Evans

Wallabies Legend the ‘Scrum Doctor’

Eva Draper

Queensland’s first female jockey


Family Stories

These stories provide a unique glimpse into the fabric of our past, offering a heartfelt connection to the generations that have shaped the essence of our locality.

The Brook's Family

Brooks Family of Stanmore in 1941

Geof Runge

This is the story of the Hornes of Neurum

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Draper Family

Stories of Mick & Val Draper


An interview by Ron Trim
& Gloria McEwan


Read the stories of the challenges and determination of locals. 

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Diamond Anniversary

Grace & Ron Osmond
A Life Together

Sami Family

Podcast  – Alice Sami c1870

Stories From

Podcast – Kevin Hennessey

Stories From

Podcast – Kay Hennessey

Story Boards

Villeneuve-Neurum Reunion

Mrs Peggy Trims Memories of Parades in Woodford

Step into the lively world of parades through the lens of Mrs. Peggy Trim’s heartfelt document. Overflowing with vivid memories, captivating anecdotes, and a treasure trove of photos, Mrs. Trim’s collection is a nostalgic journey through the parades that have shaped Woodford over the years.

We Honor Our

Service Men & Women

We would like to thank and acknowledge the recent support from various Government Departments
and organisations for the funding we have received for projects we have worked on.

Volunteer Defence Corp at Kilcoy


Memorial Trees

Mr Ron Trim

Shares Stories From The War Years


The Life Of…

In the gentle embrace of memory, we honor and celebrate the lives of those who have passed, leaving behind imprints on our hearts and in the tapestry of our community. 

The Life of

Joana Morish


Ron Bateman


Greg Miller

The Life of

Shirley Cumner


Bernie O’Brien

WE ARE Seeking

Your Stories

We’re on the lookout for local memories, photos, and memorabilia that tell the stories of our community. If you have cherished anecdotes or snapshots of times gone by, we invite you to share them with the Woodford Historical Society.

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