Kevin Brooks

From Kevin.
Brooks Family of Stanmore in 1941. (looks like its been taken by a travelling photographer with the wonderful white background of the dairy). Seated are William (Bill) and Maria (May). Behind are Mavis (Schofield) 14, Ray 12, and Mervyn 16 – and there’s cute little me, about one (and now, at 80, the only survivor). While I have the attention of the young historians, I’d like to point out Dad’s contribution to the Woodford District. William Charles Brooks (1899-1970) came from Beenleigh to Woodford in the early 1920’s to work in Woodrow Road for the Herbst Family. Later he purchased a farm nearby. (In coming to Woodford, he was following in the footsteps of his Aunts Sophia and Susan who married early pioneers, John Charles Roberts and William Hart.) Dad was obviously a bunny, a sucker, the fool who always said yes. It was a case of, “Billy Brooks will do it!” Positions I recall his holding were Chairman of the Stanmore School and Hall Committees, Chairman or Secretary of the Woodford Show Society, the Progress Association, the Race Committee (yes, Woodford had a race course), Delegate to both the Queensland Dairymen’s Organisation (QDO) and the Committee of Direction of Fruit Market (COD). Organiser of the Near North Coast fruit exhibit at the RNA, member of the Woodford Butter Factory Committee and the Cemetery Trust. No doubt I have forgotten a few.