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Discover the secrets, tales, and transformations of the places that have shaped Woodford’s identity. From historic residences to iconic businesses, each entry is a window into the past.
Join us on this virtual journey through time and explore the heart and soul of Woodford’s history.


109 Archer Street, Woodford, QLD

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Dive into the captivating history of Woodford, compiled by The Woodford State School in 1953. This remarkable account unveils the settlement’s intriguing past, led by one of its original pioneers, Tom Archer.

Durundur Station

Archer Brothers

In the early 1840s when the Archer brothers settled here,
Durundur became the most northern European settlement in the land.

The History Of

Durundur & Woodford

Embark on a historical journey with Donna and Maxine from the Woodford Historical Society as they delve into the captivating past of Durundur and Woodford. Join us for insightful discussions and anecdotes that unveil the rich heritage of these communities.



Welcome to the heart of Woodford’s living history! Our Homes, Past and Present page is a celebration of the diverse residences that have housed generations of our community. From charming historic homes to contemporary abodes, each dwelling has a story to tell.

If you have cherished photos or captivating stories about the homes in Woodford—whether from years gone by or the present day—we invite you to share them with us. Your contributions will enrich our collective understanding of the places we call home.

Archer Street - Even Numbers

See the houses we lived in on the even numbered side of Archer Street, Woodford.

Archer Street - Odd Numbers

See the houses we lived in on the odd numbered side of Archer Street, Woodford.

Cove Road

See the houses we lived in on Cove Road, Woodford.

Cruice Drive

See the houses we lived in on Cruice Drive, Woodford.

Durundur Street

See the houses we lived in on Durundur Street, Woodford.

George Street

See the houses we lived in on George Street, Woodford.

Hendy Street

See the houses we lived in on Hendy Street, Woodford.



Embark on a journey through the bustling history of Woodford’s businesses,
where the past and present converge in a tapestry of entrepreneurial spirit.
Witness the transformations, innovations, and the enduring resilience of businesses through the decades.

If you have anecdotes, photos, or memories to add to this living archive, we encourage you to share them with us.
Together, let’s celebrate the legacy of Woodford’s businesses, weaving a narrative that reflects the growth,
adaptability, and spirit of our community.

66 Archer Street

Site of an old butcher shop, Hairdresser and Stanley River Radio Now, Hayes family home 2019

1/73 Archer Street

The site was originally owned by George French and later his widow.

80 Archer Street

First business to be built at 80 Archer Street was the Woodford Hotel

76-81 Archer Street

Tom Beanland started a hotel on his own land 250m from the Stanley River Bridge.

91 Archer Street

Woodford’s present day butcher is carrying on an unbroken tradition of a family butchering business being in Woodford that was started by Ted Stanton in 1887.

97 Archer Street

One of the oldest stores in Woodford was built by H.C. Cowie. Having built the store at the Cove Road corner, sold it, and then bought it back again

113 Archer Street

The original Post Office and Telephone Exchange was built near Post Office Creek in 1885.

115 Archer Street

ALEXANDRA HALL/Picture Theatre. The original hall, then owned by R. A. Evans-my Grandad- burned down on 23rd June 1937.

117 Archer Street

117A Business that have been at 117A Archer Street from Colleen Coop

119 Archer Street

Dave and Natalie O’Halloran Elders Real Estate

102-110 Archer Street

Dairy co-op & today the local Woodford IGA

126 Archer Street

Donations were called for and logs donated and cut up at local mills and the opening of the Church was held in 1912.

127 Archer Street

Remembrance Park was also part of Ambrose Tilney’s selection of 1880. The Tilney family lived in the old cottage that was built on this site up to the turn of the century.

132 Archer Street

Old Fire Station

171 Archer Street

Classes in the first district school started in 1882 in a bark hut. It was called Durundur Road Provisional School.

1 Elizabeth Street

The land where the Woodford Library stands was part of Ambrose Tilney’s land selection in 1880.



129 Archer St, Woodford QLD 4514


Memorial Trees

Step into the rich tapestry of Woodford’s history, where the roots of our community’s connection with the Australian Defence Force run deep.

We encourage you to take a walk along Archer Street and remember the brave men & women who have served this country.

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We’re on the lookout for local memories, photos, and memorabilia that tell the stories of our community. If you have cherished anecdotes or snapshots of times gone by, we invite you to share them with the Woodford Historical Society.

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