91 Archer Street Butcher Shop

Woodford’s present day butcher is carrying on an unbroken tradition of a family butchering business being in Woodford that was started by Ted Stanton in 1887. Ted bought the land extending from the main road down Neurum Road to the Monkey Bong Creek where he had his slaughter yards. The shop was the house at 44 Archer Street. Atkinson and Cardell bought the shop in 1910 and a few years later S.B. Mason took over. Hobson and Beale then came along however he had competition now with W. Smith starting a butcher shop over the road. J.C. Webb moved to town in 1920, buying out Smith and Hobson and Beale. He built a shop on the south side of his Woodford Motors garage. In 1927 a new shop was built in Archer Street called the Woodford Butchering Company. It was run by Alf Draper with all the family working in the shop. Jim Hennessey took over the business in 1970. Wayne Newton and then there was the Leenan Family running the shop in about 1986, followed by the Henderson’s who gave the shop a facelift. Shane and Emily Ledger are the current owners (2020).



Alf Draper, Snow Finter and Len Fyfe

Alf Draper, Snow Finter and Len Fyfe

Hobson and Beale


JC Webb

JC Webb Butcher’s Bread Tray on display at the Woodford Historical Society Museum

Mick Draper Building

Replica of the Woodford Butcher built by Mick and Val Draper. Part of the Draper miniature buildings on display at the Woodford Historical Society Museum

WHS Supporter

Ledgers Country Butcher have generously support the Woodford Historical Society in the past