171 Archer Street Woodford P-10 State School

Classes in the first district school started in 1882 in a bark hut. It was called Durundur Road Provisional School. Alfred Nonmus donated land for the school because he was not happy with the original selected area down by the river near the bridge. With increasing settlement, the hut was found to be too small to cope with the number of students so demand led to the erection of a new school and teacher’s house in 1887. The 1927 School Jubilee saw further improvements, with the school enlarged and raised on high stumps, and also with an enclosed play shed constructed for use as classrooms. The Neurum School building was moved on site and was used for classes from 1946. The high costs incurred in providing buildings, teachers and resources led to the introduction of school buses. Less Schools, more student’s equals equalled lower costs and students began enrolling from outlying Schools that had been closed down. Grade 8 classes began in 1965. A sports oval was completed in 1972.  A bus service carried students to the high school at Caboolture, and when Kilcoy became a full high school in 1972, the bus went there too. The Pre-School was built in 1975. The old headmasters house was sold and moved away to make room for the admin building.

2 Woodford State School in 1910




5 School 1960


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School Enrollments

1 1882-1922

2 1922-1932

3 1933-1950

4 1951-1960

5 1960-1965

6 1965-1970

7 1970-1976

8 1976-1980

9 1965-1969

HS10 1970-1975

HS11 1975-1983 HS