37 Archer Street

37 archer

From Irene

Hello, I noticed you have a photo online of our house at no 37 Archer St Woodford. We are the current owners of this lovely little house which we purchased in December 2018. It needed much TLC! We have since completely renovated it. 2 sisters- Linda Storey & Irene Perry. It is completely rebuilt but still has the original ‘bones’. This is it as of today (August 2019) I thought you might like to update your records on this house.

Regards Irene


The Donaghue’s once lived here.

Nake and Nelly Walker once lived here.

Following information supplied by Facebook comments

Shay Collier I lived here too 

Kitty Worgan My parents owned this home in the 60’s. It had so many fruit trees down the side and large back yard. We lived beside the Harris family and enjoyed lots of wonderful games of Red Rover with them and the Kelly kids across the road, Bobby and Lesley Hickey also joined in. Kings lagoon down the back was an adventure too Wonderful childhood memories !!!

Esmay Walker My parents Charlie and Coral Eaton rented this house from Reasons in 1978…
In the years that followed I married the boy next door
Allan “Rocky” Walker.

Marlene Odey Lived at this Address, Odey then before us Fergusons

Kerri Ferguson We lived in it when I was born in 1961 for about two years. Mum says she and Bill Kunde rented from the Cumner family then until we moved when I was around two years old to a place just behind the bowls club. Mum was Patricia Mahoney before she married Bill Kunde

Julia Ritson I remember the Fester family lived in Leslie Street in a house that looked just like this when we lived in Woodford, maybe they lived in Archer Street as well.

Annie Murphy Yes Terry Lubomirski The Fester family lived there. Cheryl Fester would be one of the daughters you remember. My mum is Coral kunde was Coral Harris. Cheryl Fester was a good friend of hers growing up. The Harris family lived & still own/live in the house next door which is number 43

Jina Odey I grew up in this house as a child. My parents Marlene and Ernie Odey owned this house for many years and also rented it out for many years once we’d left.
The question is….
Who is the little old lady that still lives in the house? A ghost/spirit, yes a ghost/spirit still lives in this house. I never saw her but many different people, children and adults from different families did and they will never forget it either. Candy Hinds 
So we’re just wondering who she is? A past occupant?

Candy Hinds Jina Odey wow, she scared the complete bejeevers out me! Wonder if she’s still making appearances

Jina Odey Not sure Candy, but we know you weren’t the only one to see her

Dan Smith I did some work on it a few years ago

Annie Murphy It was my Dad’s Uncle & Aunty George & Violet Cutter who owned it then sold it to my mum’s parents, (my grandparents,) Colin & Joy Harris who then sold it to The Donahue family (Fred & Rita). Grandma & Pa Harris then bought & moved just up the road to number 43 Archer St in July 1958. As told by my mum Coral Kunde

Veronica Nichols I remember visiting Uncle Nake and Aunty Nelly at this house

Do you know any more history of this house?

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