39-41 Archer Street

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Lance and Honnor Reason once lived here.

Terry Lubomirski I have many great childhood memories of staying in this house when the Reasons lived there. Swimming in the creek down the back. Accidentally kicking a footy through the louvres at the front and hightailing it away before Aunty caught us!!!! 

Annie Murphy So my mum Coral Kunde nee Harris recalls Mrs Bechley who was a widow lived there before Shirley Cumner & Kevin Kitty Worgan. Then someone owned it & rented it to the Festers in early 70s after they lived in Leslie st. There were lots of different owners including the Reason family I recall Bruce & Bronwyn McIntyre lived there also. Their son Gordie was born in the house as was their daughter Prudence.

Memories from Cameron Reason

39/41 Archer St was the first of 4 houses that we lived in either in Woodford or the surrounding area between 1976 and 1982. We lived at 39/41 in 1976. I have lots of great memories living there. Such as learning to swim in the creek down the back while dodging snakes and the cranky old man who owned the paddock that we had to walk through to get to the creek.  That little old house must have been busting at the seams with 2 adults and 5 kids living in it. My brother and myself had to share the sleep out, then for awhile a family friend moved in with us and so I had to share my end of the sleep out. A tight fit, but great memories of good times.

39-41 archer