taken in front of cannons house archer st ned johnson, bill johnson, ernie eaton

Ned Johnstone, Bill Johnstone and Ernie Eaton Archer Street Woodford. Blue Gum log measuring 2370 super feet.

lawrence murphy with his bullock team on dunning's flat old cove rd

Lawrence Murphy With his bullock team on Dunning’s Flat Old Cove Road

ken paulus loading logs with bessie paulus

Ken Paulus loading logs with Bessie Paulus

henry fogg's team early 1900's

Henry Fogg’s team early 1900’s

harry cannon's team in front of his home northern end archer st

Harry Cannon’s team in front of his home northern end of Archer Street

george draper and his team 1950

George Draper and his team 1950

Ernie Eatons Team in front of Cannon's House Archer Street trim photo

Ernie Eaton’s team in front of Harry Cannon’s home


.Jackie Ahern off loading logs at D’Aguilar Railway Station. The boy on the right is Bert Tracey.

neurum creek

Three teams meet at Neurum Creek

Wheel Tax

jack ferris

laurel phillips

Bob Gentry

Bob Gentry outside his Calico Home